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Call Center Solutions to be Thankful For

Call Center Solutions to be Thankful For

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Author: Spencer Peterson

Life can be challenging, and everyone faces trials every day. On the bright side, there are always things we can be thankful for through it all. Here are a few to start.

Compliance Suite

Compliance is one of the most significant challenges call centers face every day. Rules and regulations are constantly changing, and it isn’t easy to keep up with and keep track of all of them while also managing a call center. These frequent changes are why every call center needs a compliance suite full of tools to help.

Compliance is essential for the sustainable operation of the modern contact center. Every call center equipped with a complete compliance suite of solutions, is definitely thankful for the extra help. Software solutions such as Natural Language Compliance, manually approved calling, and call recording are a few key compliance tools that can help keep your call center within the bounds of TCPA, FTC, FCC, and state regulations.

Natural Language Compliance is a unique software feature that automates compliance through fully customizable and buildable rules. Call centers can specify what times calls can be made, who is called, how many times a number is called, and even the region that is being called. This system is easy and intuitive, has limitless rule creation capabilities, is scalable, reusable, and allows rule sets to be applied to various campaigns.

Manually Approved Calling (MAC) takes the guesswork out of compliance by allowing a subset of agents to review and approve calls for other agents. This pre-approval process helps maintain performance through preset scrubs while still keeping practices in line with TCPA compliance. With MAC, you can manually approve and reject phone numbers without the need for separate campaigns or initiatives based on compliance criteria. It also provides a unified interface that gives third-party contact and account information for quick review in real-time and allows for seamless switches between approving and taking calls for call centers that choose to combine the tasks.

Call recordings can be used for training agents, quality assurance, and audit reviews, giving call centers a backup when questioned about a specific incident or general practices. Call recording storage allows for easy retrieval, analysis, and exporting of calls. Managers can search for calls using metadata, keywords, agents, or specific dates. When partnered with voice analytics and business intelligence, call recordings take call analysis to another level with full transcripts, conversation tagging, customer perspectives, and a range of crucial automated analytic solutions. All of this, paired with call recording and built-in compliance checks, saves call centers time, money, and much worry.

Safety and security are always something to be grateful for, and a complete compliance suite does just that for your call center.

Industry Specialization

Call centers are not exclusive to one particular industry, so not every call center solution can be applied to every business. Call center software that adapts to any industry is the perfect tool for call centers everywhere and should include options to work with things like Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capabilities, automation, ACD, and predictive dialers.

As a BPO call center, it is imperative that you have call center software that allows you to connect with and support different clients worldwide. Aside from the cloud call center software itself, some features that help achieve this level of flexibility include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, scalability, live tracking, and automated reporting.

Automation is a fundamental step in increasing call center efficiency. There is such a thing as too much automation, when there is not enough human interaction to sufficiently satisfy consumers, but applying automated tasks in strategic areas can definitely improve call center efficiency. 

Newspaper outlets might introduce automatic notifications in their call center to alert subscribers about late deliveries, expiring accounts, or scheduling and renewing subscriptions. This cuts down on wasted time manually contacting each reader one by one, and decreases the number of mistakes by ensuring consistent and automatic messaging. 

Accounts receivable management call centers can increase collection rates and efficiency with a Predictive dialer that automatically measures the average call answer time along with agent availability and moderates the dialing rate accordingly. This easy-to-use solution cuts down on agent wait times in between calls and streamlines the customer service process. 

Every inbound call center, no matter the industry, can use Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to decrease agent downtime while increasing customer satisfaction by directing inbound calls directly to agents who are best qualified for the given situation regardless of their location in the world. This means that agents spend less time waiting for and transferring calls to other agents. Consumers are happier when they can have their questions answered by the first agent they talk to.

Call Center Software That Has Everything For You

TCN Operator is an all-in-one, cloud call center software solution that has your call center’s best interest and most significant needs in mind. Along with the above features, Operator offers omnichannel communications, intelligent reporting and analytics, seamless integrations, and much more.

Omnichannel Communications allows your call center agents to communicate with consumers through various channels to provide top-tier customer service. Using such a solution also allows contact centers to keep up with the constantly changing communication methods and more seamlessly serve consumers based on their preferences. Along with improved service, omnichannel solutions provide better insights and contact distribution to help keep your agents from being swamped with inbound calls. 

Adding to the improved insights, are intelligent reporting and analytics. Through TCN’s robust reporting tools and intuitive dashboards, contact centers can stay in the loop with site performance, speech analytics, and agent metrics. Intelligent reporting and analytics automatically record, compile and analyze call centers data and present it in a manageable and easy-to-understand format. Call centers can make informed decisions regarding agent training, hiring, and future campaigns with this data.

All of these bells and whistles are great but are useless if not accessible. TCN’s cloud-based software seamlessly integrates with existing CRMs and APIs for your convenience and effortless data transferring. TCN is continually growing and improving its software to increase functionality, include more integrations for future opportunities, and provide you with solutions to be thankful for.

Make sure that your call center software meets your needs, and make sure you have solutions worth adding to your gratitude list this year. Request a demo to learn about more call center solutions.

About the Author: Spencer Peterson

Spencer Peterson is a Content Writer for TCN, a worldwide leading provider of cloud-based call center technology. He focuses on developing dynamic messaging for blogs and social media. In his spare time, Spencer loves to cook and enjoys quiet time at home with his family and the occasional dance party.